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Water Heater Service & Repair in Raleigh NC and the Surrounding Cities

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Water heaters are one of the most under-appreciated appliances in our homes. There is not much worse than when your water heater isn’t working and you don't have any hot water.

The good news is, the professional licensed plumbers at Water Heater Express have you covered in the Triangle area. Scott Zimmerman Plumbing service is the water heater expert and here to answer all your questions and get you all the information you need to repair or replace your water heater.

When considering a water heater repair or installation rest assured with Water Heater Express:
  • Free Estimates
  • High Quality Heaters from Rheem and State Select
  • Price Quote
  • High Quality Craftsmenship
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

Gas Water Heater Repair Signs:

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water heater repair service
Gas Water Heater Repair Signs:

  • The water temperature is just not warm , or maybe as warm as it was in the past.
  • Hot water is gone too quickly.
  • Rusty water comes out from hot water taps. You can find rust on the water storage tank.
  • Odor coming from the water
  • Water leaking under the heater.
  • Sounds coming from the water heater.
  • A pilot light that temporarily turns off

At Water Heater Express Scott Zimmerman can repair any specific brand and model of water heater manufactured today. We also install Rheem and State Select water heaters for the best possible results.
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gas hot water heaters
Gas Water Heater Repair

Gas hot water heaters are the most popular variety so of course Scott Zimmerman Plumbing offer exceptional repair services on them, as well as replacements and new installations of Rheem and State Select units

Natural gas is the primary fuel-source for water heaters because it is generally more cost-efficient than electricity. In fact, some utility companies offer rebates for switching from an electric-, to a gas-powered water heater.

A gas burner continually heats the water in a storage tank from the bottom of the unit. Traditionally, gas water heaters have a lifetime of 8-12 years, and once they approach this age, most service providers will not perform maintenance, as the cost of the repair could outpace the value of the unit.
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electric hot water repair service
Electric Hot Water Heater

Electric water heater repairs, as well as replacements and new installations.

Electric water heaters work from the inside-out, by warming “elements”, or rods, submerged in a water storage tank, transferring heat from the elements to the water.  Electric water heaters operate as much as 50% more efficient than gas water heaters

There are three types of electric water heaters:
  • Standard Tank
  • High-Efficiency Tank 
  • Hybrid Heat Pump 
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Tankless Water Heater

We area able to take care of all the updates that may be needed for a new installation of a tankless heater, as well as maintenance and repairs.

Tankless water heaters have become very popular lately for several good reasons. Tankless hot water heaters are more energy efficient than traditional units because they heat water as it is used, rather than heating and reheating water in a storage tank. They also take up significantly less physical space, as they do not have a bulky storage tank.

Customers that have installed tankless water heaters have been very pleased. We install Rheem and State Select brands of tankless water heaters including both indoor and outdoor units.

Need help deciding which tankless unit is right for you? Give Scott Zimmerman Plumbing a Call